Esteban Pintor started out in 1968 with a small light doughnut ring shop, it was successful his chips at first he made 10 kg by day but with the passing of time he made hundreds and hundreds. Nowadays Hermanos Pintor made thousands kg of chips.

With intelligence, a lot work and sacrifice, Esteban Pintor was developing and making strong Pintor brand such an extent that in 1985 and with the support of his family set up Hermanos Pintor. At the present time one of the more consolidating companies of chips and snacks in the country, with their Lorries fleet Hermanos PIntor sell anywhere in Spain.

Hermanos Pintor is specializing in home-made chips, checking all the processes from the field to your table for you can taste and enjoy of the best chips.

In our range of products are the best pellets, due to an exhaustive check in our facilities Hermanos Pintor gives to this kind of products richness. Extruded, Breadsticks, little rolls, popcorn and nuts complete our range of products.

Due to our company policy forces us to look after quality above all. For these reason our products have a strict control that allow to the consumers to enjoy of the fresh and good taste that distinguish. For all that Hermanos Pintor has fit his facilities and getting up to date his manufacturing process and supervising the quality.

Hermanos Pintor loves cycling and with the drive of Julian García-Casarrubios (President of C.C. Hnos PIntor) has supported basic sport with his teams, from schools to elite sub 23. Nowadays Hnos. Pintor sponsors the team cycling professional KTM-Murcia..


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